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We have identified 14 systems in the human body that are necessary for its proper functioning. We call a “system” a collection of organs that work collectively to provide a common function. Therefore, the first five formulas offer a quality solution to maintain the health of the body’s five principal systems.


At ArboSanté Laboratoires, there are no coincidences. That is why we have created our very own quality label to guarantee that our products meet the highest standards.


ArboSanté Laboratoires boasts in-depth knowledge of nature’s virtues, as well as a respect for local cultivation, enriched with French and Swiss agricultural expertise. Through partnerships with farmers around the world, we guarantee the natural authenticity of the raw materials we use. We are committed to respecting the balance of nature and the use of organic products. Our ingredients are guaranteed to be free from GMOs and chemicals.


ArboSanté pharmacists offer innovative products with exclusive formulas, thanks to an unprecedented combination and titration of plant extracts by using an exceptional concentration and quality of active ingredients. This expertise allows us to develop unique formulas. Our products come in recyclable and transparent blister packs to prevent oxidation, odors and contamination, and ensure ease of use.


ArboSanté Laboratoires uses patented vegetable capsules (HPMC without gelling agents), without titanium dioxide, certified suitable for kosher, halal and vegetarian diets. We produce Galenic formulations, free from GMO and azo derivatives which respect the plant and retain the properties of the active ingredients. In keeping with the forest management practices for our own land, our packaging is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified to confirm that it comes from sustainably managed forests


Our products are manufactured in compliance with EU and non-EU standards, according to the country of distribution. Traceability is ensured by a unique lot number inscribed on every pack. As clinical trials are not obligatory, some laboratories cannot confirm the efficiency of its products. All ArboSanté Laboratoires products are clinically tested to prove their safety and efficiency


Offering independent advice and supporting users with integrity, humility and empathy

At ArboSanté, we strive to promote and respect the crucial role played by healthcare professionals, without whom the therapeutic chain would inevitably break.

We believe that the quality and sincerity of our products inspires the medical and paramedical world to become our greatest ambassadors. As a result, our products appeal to doctors, pharmacists, naturopaths, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals as well as users. Should they wish to do so, these professionals may undergo specific training on how to use and prescribe our products.